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Short review because I am attending a training course all day and I odn't have much time.

I loved the episode btw, it had its moments.

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Have a happy Thursday!
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Just found this on TUMBLR. It still is one of my favorite moments of the show because Dean was just all professional and good at it :)

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How are you doing flist?

I've been pretty busy and honestly with not much to say.

I've been caught up on Twitter and Tumblr by my Haven family and wow...it feels so good. We are few, we get along and we just ignore the wank.
It was a long time since I have felt that way fandom wise. I have never wanted to be involved in the TVD fandom because it's like the SPN one (even though they say they are not, trust me they are LOL)...lots of bashing, wank and wasting time badmouthing all the characters they don't like. It's Damon vs Stefan exactly like it's Dean vs Sam. Of course not the entire fandom! Some comms are safe places to just discuss the show.

Speaking of SPN...I just have all the brotherly bond feels....

wethre3kings 1
wethre3kings 2

More about SPN and Sam under the cut. Of course it's just my take on Sam and Sam girls are going to disagree.

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Credit goes where it's due.

Warning: NOT SAM FRIENDLY. Well actually I don't like Sam right now, but I like the potential he has in this season.

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Can we just discuss the beauty that this man is?


My favorite S8 episode so far because it was all about the core of the SPN storytelling: Dean and Sam.

Babbling under the cut is Sam friendly and full of Dean love.

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Hi flist,

how are you doing?

I am pretty busy at work and with my dad recovering, I am the one who goes to pick up Gaia from school and so I get home earlier. This means busy hours at work.

SPN tomorrow, YAY!
Dean always makes me happy.

TVD on Thursday, YAY YAY!!!!
OMG I can't wait for Stefan and Damon....I just can't...these two brothers will be the dead of me.

HAVEN on Friday, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!
Nathan and Audrey, please babes, make up already! I am so going to cry, I know.
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Three main things to talk about after watching this episode, which I liked but not excited me. I liked Mrs Tran and also the new Angels.

Not much to say on Sam. I just don't like how they are portraying him, so be careful because some comments might be not Sam friendly.

I love Benny so far. Hope he doesn't give me reasons to hate him.


Sorry not coherent, just some emotional thoughts.

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Hi all,

how are you doing?

-I'm busy at work, plus my Dad is going through back surgery tomorrow and I am a litte worried. I might be away from LJ for a couples of day.

-I didn't follow the Toronto Con, but I saw some pics and Jensen looked pretty awesome. Do you know if something interesting has been said?

More info about the Con at SPN Wiki.

-This week is the THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premiere week. I was really excited about this new season, but some spoilers about the issues between the brothers have ticked me off a bit. Plus the triangle has to be over soon.

-Time to talk about Haven!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] cologne_chick and [livejournal.com profile] nanakomatsu!!!


New HAVEN tonight!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!


After the premiere, I'd like to add something more about Dean and Sam.

Sam and Dean and how I don't want to give up on Sam )
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Happy Birtdhay to [livejournal.com profile] jaelle85, [livejournal.com profile] ewanmax and [livejournal.com profile] herowlness!!!

-HAPPY MONDAY you all, hope you had a nice weekend. We went to the movies yesterday and Gaia watche her first one on the big screen. It was the Ice Age 4 and she really enjoyed it. She said she loved it and want to go again :)

-This week is the SPN week, yay!!! Though Jared last words on Sam pissed me off, I am excited and happy to see Dean again. I can't wait.

-I had a long and interesting twitter chat with [livejournal.com profile] leelust and [livejournal.com profile] ann_tara about Haven and tv shows in general. They asked me to post my thoughts and this is what you'll find under the last cut.

First, some links for [livejournal.com profile] ann_tara and [livejournal.com profile] leelust about Haven spoilers and the cast interviews.

The Three Amigos – Haven’s Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant & Eric Balfour
In this one you'll find how the relationship between Nathan and Duke should get more interesting and that Nathan&Audrey match up will satisfy the fans.

Lucas Bryant about S3
He said that Nathan is determined to keep Audrey in his life.

Emily Rose about Nathan and Audrey )

"Lucas Bryant".
This is older, before the finale last year but he addressed the N/A relationship for S3. He said there will be roadblocks and speed-bump (looks like TVD!)

Since this is also a Haven post, some thoughts about the second episode.

Haven S03E02 )

Long long post under the cut...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] bt_kady and [livejournal.com profile] legoline.

Wish you a very good weekend :)

Meanwhile enjoy this interview with our favorite boy:

Supernatural Season 8: Jensen Ackles Teases Purgatory.....

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Drive by post with SPN S8 STILLS for the first two episodes.

Excuse me while I drool over DEAN perfection!!!

S08E01 and S08E02 )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] sarahk_1963, [livejournal.com profile] lasamy and [livejournal.com profile] rubyb!!!

I hope you have a great one :)

-As for me, I have been MIA for the last few days. I had a busy weekend with two bday parties and some errands to do. It was tiring, but also a funny one.

-Speaking of TV shows I am currently watching, I am enjoying Criminal Minds, loving Person of Interest (I want to catch up with S1 and start watching S2 soon) and I have a new show to fangirl over: HAVEN.

HAVEN, ships, SPN, TVD... )

-Posting some pics from the Dallas con because, seriously, JENSEN ACKLES is pure PERFECTION!
Credit goes where credit is due.


Also, more links are here.

And how awesome was Jensen meet and greet? Flawless guy is flawless :)
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SPN S7 Gag Reel and "I'm all out of love" outtake are out and I can't stop feeling all happy and warm because of the awesomeness Jensen Ackles is.

When he smiles, truly smiles I melt.

credit to acklesforpadalecki

SPN S7 GAG REEL and Jensen singing outtake )


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S4 TVD promo )
Oh Damon, you are going to break my heart all over again...

S8 SPN promo )

Dean looks frreaking hot!


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