Feb. 13th, 2012

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Hi flist

how are you doig?

I am tired, haven't slept much last two days and it's been an intense weeekend.

-Had a Carnival party with kids and friends yesterday. It was all day long. Awesome and funny, but I was destroyed when I got bcak home.

-Whiteny Houston died and it saddened me more than I thought it was possible. She has been, just like Jackson, not among my favorite sigers, but like a soundtrack of my chlidood and adolescence. She was a real beauty. A great loss for whover loves ART.

-Greece is on fire. The Parliament approved the austherity measurements. I hope it can be a fresh start for that beautiful Country. I hope all my friends there are ok.

-Becoming addicted to Doctor Who as well and Mandy I blame you for this!!!

-Living in a TVD/Damon withdrawal. I am becoming dangerously obsessed...reminds me of the first four SPN seasons when I could not even think about not watching an episode immediately after it aired. It's a good feeling, yet challenging. Since I can't watch it on TV, I have to find the time to dl and watch it and sometimes is not easy...

Anyway about Damon, I loved this description:

He's a lover. He's a fighter. He's a self-destructive wild card who lashes out when hurt, as evidenced by his actions to conclude "Dangerous Liaisons."
He's Damon Salvatore, and he's the heart, soul and often shirtless body of of The Vampire Diaries.

little spoilers )



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