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Two scenes made the episode for me.



“A vampire only bonds to her sire when she already has feelings. Human feelings. Vampirism only heightens those emotions.”

Those two scenes made the episode for me because they pointed out that Damon has never totally lost his humanity.
When he listened to Lexi, he actually protected his brother, stepping back. Not thinking about what he wanted, and he wanted it hard since Stefan was the only family left ("you all I have got"...rings any bell?), he just let his brother go, allowing him to build up a happy life. Damon has always loved his brother.
When he told Elena that he was the bad guy and he should let her go in oder to set her free, my fangirl heart broke.
For two reasons:
-Damon still thinks he is not good enough. He might stands up for himself when he is rational and strong, but when he is vulnerable, he feels like he is still not worth to be loved. He feels like his past comes back every time to haunt him down and never lets him to have some happiness, which, by now, he totally deserves.
-Damon wants to do the right thing. He has done the right thing more often than he allows himself to think and let the others see. He wants Elena's feelings to be real more than anything else and it looks like he has forgotten about the witch words: A vampire only bonds to her sire when she already has feelings. Human feelings. Vampirism only heightens those emotions.
It was stated loud and clear twice (by Tyler and the witch) that the sire bond doesn't affect emotions and feelings, but the way you act. So it's canon what Damon/Elena fans have been saying for months: Elena's feelings for Damon has been there since at least S2. Hidden, denyed, but there, slowly building up.
So yes, maybe the sire bond has made everything faster, but it hasn't acted on the feelings. Not once Damon told Elena to love him, to have sex with him. Not once he has taken adavantage of her.
So in my eyes he is not doing anything wrong, he is just fighting for his love and this made me happy, because I was afraid he was going to give up.
I think Damon will fight and try to set things right at the same time. There's no reason to leave if Elena's feelings were already there.
I am fascinated by how the sire bond has been descripted in TVD, because in other vamps shows it worked quite differentely.

Now on to the other characters.
I love him. Sometimes I love to hate him, but he is interesting to see. Because he's doing stupid things, bad things, he is acting like a douche (but hey it's understandable), but he is also admitting when he is wrong (is this ever going to happen in SPN?).
When he told Damon that he was wrong for Elena, he immediately regretted it and apologized, because Damon is his brother and he has learnt who Damon really is. Not totally, not yet, but Stefan is slowly changing his mind about his brother. Not dentying Damon's flaws, but looking right through him and seeing the good that Damon has tried to hide so hard for too long.
Stefan loves his brother, Stefan shows that he loves Damon. He actually sacrificed everything for him.
I love this bond so much. They might have hit a rough patch, but they want to recover their bond, to make it work. I have seen them getting to learn something more about each other. I have seen Damon telling Stefan that he might not know him like he thinks, I have seen Stefan torn between wanting to blame Damon for everything and be unable to do it because Stefan knows Damon hasn't done anything wrong.
I have seen good brotherly love and rivalry. I have basically seen two brothers caught in an impossibible situation (Damon saying "can we wait a day before we destroy him?" or Stefan saying "he loves her as much as I do") and trying to deal with it in the best way they can...trying to hurt each other the less they can and trying to make the right thing.
This episode was a real ode to their brotherly bond, which, for me, remains the relationship I am more invested in.
So my DEFAN heart is happy....would be have been happier if Stefan had made the next step and defended Damon in front of Caroline (which he did somehow though) or told Damon that he knows he is a better man (which again he did, I just wanted it clearer), but I know I can't ask for this now. It will happen, but Stefan needs more time.

I like her, I like how cute she is when she is just a girl trying to forget her crappy life. I liked her wih Damon, how much happy she looked. The sparkles and the joy. The sire bond doesn't matter. It's not what it does. Those feelings, that passion have always been there.
I also enjoyed she stood up for Damon, because, at the end of the day, she is the one who knows him better. She is the only one Damon has ever opened up to.

Sorry, still no love for her. She's blind and deaf.

He is the real surprise of this season for me. I spent the last three seasons basically feeling indifferent to him and now I like him. I like his partnership with Damon, I like his way of thinking. I like him not having an hidden agenda. Also, I liked him in this episode fighting for his kind and his girl.

Too little to judge her.

He wants the power...he's not that good, isn't it?

Still missing Rebekah, I want more Matt and less Caroline.

All in all a good episode, considering how much I was worried about it.


Catching up soon :)

ETA just cause I have to write them down.

Damon's speculations. No spoilers.
OMG all these "Damon is going to die by the end of the season and once Elena and Stefan will get him back, the sire bond will be broken" speculations are seriously scaring me.

I could barely deal with his death in the books, I can't even imagine my reaction if I get to see it on the show. I would cry all my tears...but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

Damon is not going to give up on Elena. Not to mention that if he did, he should have to go since he and Elena couldn't be in the same place...so yeah Damon will fight for Elena.

Plus professor Shane is working on some kind of spell to bring people back. It was hinted in 4x08 talking about Haley's parents.

So what if Damon dies and he is brought back? Is it possible that he comes back as human?

OMG TVD is having me speculating and I think last time it happened was with SPN S5.

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