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An interesting interview with Julie Plec, here

Let's start with Stefan. He actually said that Elena needs to be fixed. It's upsetting to know that he can't love the real essence of who Elena is, but only the idea of her he has pictured in his mind. Stefan loves an Elena who has never existed the way he thinks. She has always had that dark side Stefan despises so much because, most likely, it's what he hates about himself in the first place. He needs her to be human because he can't deal with that part of her which reminds him who he is.
Elena doesn't want to become human again if this means making Jeremy go crazy. She stated it loud and clear. Is Stefan going to respect her will?
No he won't, because it's not his.

Caroline...along with Stefan, the only thing she is worried about is the sire bond. They don't even know if it's real, but they are trying to find proofs of their theory, ignoring everything that contradicts it (like for example the fact that Elena didn't do what Damon told her about feeding from that blonde at the college or she didn't call Stefan after the Jeremy debacle).
So tbh the sire bond thing can be there, but it's not so important as they want to think...because hey is better to turn Elena in a human being again and let Klaus using her blood to create an army he will use to take over the world, than admitting the possibility that Elena might have feelings for that horrible monster Damon is.
While I can live with Stefan acting like that, I can't really justify Caroline anymore. Mainly for two reasons:
-the way she acts around Klaus, almost ignoring that he is way worse than Damon
-because she has had plenty of occasions to see that Damon is not anymore just the guy who manipulated her in S1. Damon still does questionable things (sorry but Caroline was the one who was ok with Tyler's friend being killed to save Elena), but he is also the one who has saved her life several times. One of those times, almost costed him everything....but she doesn't care, like she doesn't care about the fact that Damon was actually the one to help her mom when she found that Caroline was a vampire.
She never thanked Damon for anything and she has always been even more judgmental than Bonnie. Damon is rude, manipulative and never right? No sorry, if Caroline doesn't start to question her own ability of judging or seriously I can't with her...and I don't care if she was talking about Damon or if she was, deep down, telling what's happening with Klaus. ATM Caroline is not in my favorite characters list.

Let's get to talk about the sire bond.
Do we really think Elena did what she did because she is sired to Damon? I am not even a real Delena shipper, but if someone thinks is like that, then we watch a different show.
Let me explain why:
-Elena's feelings for Damon have been developing since S1. The passion I saw in the sex scene, was the one I saw in Heart of Darkness.
-Damon didn't ask for sex, not even told her once to break up with Stefan. On the contrary he tried to fix things between them. Now the thing is, either Damon is faking everything, pushing Elena in a direction, hoping to get her to do exactly the opposite, according to a very complicated and unrealistic mental scheme, or Damon was genuine and really just wanted Stefan and Elena to be happy.
From the rules the writers have estabilished for the sire bond, considering Klaus and Tyler as an example, the sired person does whatever his sire says because he thinks it's right. I haven't seen this coming from Elena since she has turned.
My take on this whole sire bond thing is that just the possibilty of it will increase the tension between Damon, Stefan and Elena. Elena will get to know, Damon will decide that their time has yet to come since he wants it to be real.
Elena will be unsired and will be on her own for a while, trying to figure her feelings out.

As for Damon, I can only said that he gave me all the feels when Elena told him "you". First time ever he was chosen, he felt accepted. I don't think he knew about the sire bond, because his reaction was totally of genuine surprise and disbelief. I really had the feeling that he was melting inside, savouring the effect of having something he has been looking for all his life.

Some more thoughts:
-stop to hurt Jeremy. I seriously dislike how Stefan is manipulating him.

-yay for Matt. He is my second favorite character ATM.

-I love Klaus. I love to hate him actually.

-Stefan might not be the ripper anymore, but he is doing a lot of bad things and apparentely Caroline supports them. No love right now, because what they are doing to Elena in terms of not letting her free to decide is way worse than everything happened to her before on this front.

-Damon reaction when Stefan decided to crash someone else broke me. As much as Damon is always trying to be considered the bad guy, his brother feelings are going to kill him...because Damon loves Stefan.

-not yet interested in April and Dr Shane, but I need to rewatch the episode to catch some more details on them.

-want Rebekah back.

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