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What the hell is wrong with people?

Don't tell me that guns control laws don't help and don't work, because they do work pretty much everywhere.

They were kids. Kids. Children...like mine, like yours.

I am pissed, sad, upset, outraged because this keeps happening and lots of useless words are spoken, but nothing changes.

No offence intended, still respecting every different opinion, but I strongly disagree with the idea that owing a gun is a right everyone must have. Just so you know my take on it.

My thoughts are with the families who lost someone today.
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I was on my lunch time with my colleagues and we were having a coffee. All of sudden we heard a noise and we turned just to see a motocycle crashing into a car...

The guy has died outright...and I just feel like...I don't even know how I feel...sick...sad, sorrow...damn...

just need to vent. Sorry.
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Sorry, I've been MIA for a while but real life just got crazy.

I hope everyone on the East Coast is ok. Sandy has been awful.

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Hi all,

how are you doing?

-I'm busy at work, plus my Dad is going through back surgery tomorrow and I am a litte worried. I might be away from LJ for a couples of day.

-I didn't follow the Toronto Con, but I saw some pics and Jensen looked pretty awesome. Do you know if something interesting has been said?

More info about the Con at SPN Wiki.

-This week is the THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premiere week. I was really excited about this new season, but some spoilers about the issues between the brothers have ticked me off a bit. Plus the triangle has to be over soon.

-Time to talk about Haven!!!

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HAPPY MONDAY everyone. How are you doing?

I'm fine, even if I catched a bad cold last week. Now I'm getting better.

-Yesterday we spent some time with my parents and then got home, just to rest. While Gaia was playing with her Little Pony, hubby and I were able to watch Sherlock Holmes Games of Shadow. I loved this one as much as I loved the first. I hope there will be a third one.

-Person of Interest is airing in Italy too. I watched the first two episodes of S1 and I am enjoying it a lot. My kind of tv shows. I loved Minority Report and somehow there are similiraties. Can't wait to watch more :)

-Jensen and Jared made a thank you video for the fans. These boys are adorable :)

-[livejournal.com profile] ckll thank you so much for the virtual gift!
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This day won't ever be a day like the others for me...I remember what I was doing and what I did once I found out what was happening. I will never forget

Everyone who have lost their lives there may rest in peace.


I am back!

Aug. 22nd, 2012 10:37 am
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Hi guys,

how are you doing? I am back at work after my vacation. We did have a wonderful time both in the Alps and in Puglia.

Pics of little Gaia to come soon.

I owe you replies, emails (Olga I am looking at you!!!) and comments. I will catch up, I promise :)

Now, I am sorry my first post has to be so serious, but the stupidity of some human beings horrifies me.

Under the cut more of what I am talking about.

What Mr Todd Akin said about rape... )
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I'll be leaving for my holiday on Sunday, but since I'm busy to pack I won't be able to be much around.

I'll keep in touch mostly via Twitter and maybe TUMBLR. Not sure I will have enough internet access to check LJ. Anyway I hope you all stay good and safe and see you around August the 22nd.

*hugs you tight*

Leave you with our favorite boy: DEAN WINCHESTER!

credit to xxfleurdelysxx
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Sometimes we should just stop and enjoy life for what it is.
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My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of the Denver shooting.

Last summer it was Utoya in Norway, now this. I have my personal beliefs about why this things happen but this is not the right time for polemics though.

USA TODAY last news
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Twenty years have passed since that damn day. Paolo Borsellino was a hero who was left alone fighting his battle against mafia and he was killed by mafia along with five policemen. Their names were Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina.

My father worked with Borsellino and I learned to love him, even if I was just a kid.

I will never forget and my heart still aches. Sicily, Italy and the whole world need more people like him. Unfortunately not much has changed ever since.

Thank you, for everything. I miss you.


Remembering also the 5 policemen who died with him in Via D'Amelio
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Hi Guys,

how are you doing? We had an amzing time during this week. Gaia had so much fun in the water park on Saturday. She was loved to see the dolphins, the seals and the raptors show. She spent all the afternoon in the pools, playing with Matilde and going on the water slides.
It was a great day.
Yesterday we went shopping and then I relaxed in the afternoon watching the Wimbledon male finale. Murray did his best and his did play a great tennis, but Federer..oh Federer...my heart still belongs to Stefan Edberg, but Roger Federer is just right behind him in my all time favorite tennis player.

He who won his 7th Wimbledon yesterday. Wimbledon is and remains the most fascinating tournament among the four Grand Slam tournaments. The beauty of Wimbledon is that who is able to play the quickest and most talented tennis wins.
Federer has won 7 times, just like Sampras. Imo he is the best tennis player of the last 10 years and more. Not because Djokovic or Nadal are not good enough, because they are, but because his tennis is a right balance of elegance (the way he plays serve and volley reminds me of Edberg and McEnroe, his power of Becker) and powerful shots. They way he moves on the field is still charming. His tennis is pure class.

So congrats Roger, you went through hard times, but you overcome them. You deserved to win.


"Why Federer is the best".

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] metallidean_grl!!! LOVE YOU TONS!

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-Jensen is selling is house apparentely, here for more.

It looks like a very beautiful house: PICS.

-It's weekend, YAY! Tomorrow we're going to ZOOMARINE with a couple of friends and kids. It's a water park with a lot of funny things for kids and adults.
On Sunday we're going to the sea with the same friends. It's going to be a great weekend :)

I hope you have a good one too. See you on Monday.

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After work, I'll be leaving for two days...it's too hot here, so the sea is waiting for us.

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Arent't these two super cute?

Hi flist,

how are you doing? I am back at work, weather is still crazy but the weekend was good. We spent a lot of time out in the parks with our little Gaia and some friends and we enjoyed the sun and the lovely warmth.

We took new piccies of our little princess and I will post them soon.

What about you?
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First the bomb in front of the school in Brindisi, more info here, then the earthquake in Emilia, here.

RIP Melissa, who died in the bombing attack. May the seven persons who lost their life during the earthquake RIP.

No time for joy today.
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I just want to hug tight [livejournal.com profile] heartlessbytchh and [livejournal.com profile] ann_tara, because this is not the best time for them. Love you girls.

I am not sure I will be much online during this Easter Break (we have Monday off), so i just want to wish you a very

Easter Graphics
Easter myspace comments, graphics

More Scraps for Orkut

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] zinah and [livejournal.com profile] pyroblaze18.
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10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts.

Mandy pointed this out in a post and I was horrified by it. I am not going into details, because it's a very sensitive subject..but some of those things are awful. Mysoginst, cruel.


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