Jul. 9th, 2012

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Hi Guys,

how are you doing? We had an amzing time during this week. Gaia had so much fun in the water park on Saturday. She was loved to see the dolphins, the seals and the raptors show. She spent all the afternoon in the pools, playing with Matilde and going on the water slides.
It was a great day.
Yesterday we went shopping and then I relaxed in the afternoon watching the Wimbledon male finale. Murray did his best and his did play a great tennis, but Federer..oh Federer...my heart still belongs to Stefan Edberg, but Roger Federer is just right behind him in my all time favorite tennis player.

He who won his 7th Wimbledon yesterday. Wimbledon is and remains the most fascinating tournament among the four Grand Slam tournaments. The beauty of Wimbledon is that who is able to play the quickest and most talented tennis wins.
Federer has won 7 times, just like Sampras. Imo he is the best tennis player of the last 10 years and more. Not because Djokovic or Nadal are not good enough, because they are, but because his tennis is a right balance of elegance (the way he plays serve and volley reminds me of Edberg and McEnroe, his power of Becker) and powerful shots. They way he moves on the field is still charming. His tennis is pure class.

So congrats Roger, you went through hard times, but you overcome them. You deserved to win.


"Why Federer is the best".

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] metallidean_grl!!! LOVE YOU TONS!



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