Mar. 12th, 2012

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Hi flist,

how are you doing? I am fine. We got back home yesterday after the weekend in Bari. We celebrated his bday twice, once with his family and then later with his friends. Very good time. Also, we went on the beach on Sunday morning, it was windy but beautiful and Gaia wanted to go in the water...of course we didn't let her, since the sea was cold, but she had fun throwing the stones in the water.

Lots of news fandom wise, after the Paley festival. Talking about TVD, obviously. The panel was fun and I love the cast. Some very pretty pics and vids came out...Ian and Paul rocked the panel. Those two boys are amazing, seriously.

I am also pleased with what Plec said about the story being about two brothers:

The beauty of Stefan and Damon is that both of them, though one began the show as a hero and one began as a villain, is that in their core, they both have sides that are as dark and as light and that really fight against each other. And when you add the vampire context into it, it's a constant battle for both of them. For Damon, it's battling against the parts of him that want to be pure and good and for Stefan, it's battling against that sort of demon inside of him that wants to take over. So the brothers are sharing a journey. It's just manifesting itself differently.

This makes me very happy!

Two of my favorite pics from all the weekend in LA:

and this one from another event that killed me dead.

In other SPN related news, some pics of Jensen leaving Vancouver. Our boy looks so very tired!!! Here thanks to [ profile] takacshedi.


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