Mar. 6th, 2012

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I'm not sure whether Damon/Elena or Stefan/Elena will be the endgame of this season, but I am more interested in the journey Elena is doing to make her choice. Her choice could also be to be on on her own...for a while, and while it would be fair to herself (maybe, maybe not), it would be certainly unfair to Damon. Oh man, I so want some happiness for this guy...
Anyway, the only thing I really want is not seeing them like they are now.I want them to be friends again, I want their complicity back again.

That being said, rewaching THE NEW DEAL, I noticed few more thngs:

-Jeremy compulsion didn't bother me back then and has not now, because I really think he was aware of what it was going to happen the moment Damon walked in. He could have argued, he didn't...deep down I think Jeremy was waiting for someone to make this decision on his behalf.

-Damon...OMG I was so totally in love with him (and I watched it at 6 am) that I didn't notice how much burden Elena had to carry on her shoulders when he told her about Stefan, his feelings, his desires in the porch scene. Don't get me wrong, I am totally with Damon and I think he's been pretty awesome through all this season, but there...he just comforted Elena in the kitchen, then compelled Jeremy. He did comfort Elena again on the porch, then he dropped a bomb on her ...his feelings for her, his feelings for Stefan.
LET ME SET THINGS STRAIGHT: I think he was entitled to, I think he had to do it and that it was fair, so for me Damon was right, not wrong, but changing point of view (because I always see things from Damon point of view) and putting in Elena's shoes...that confession must have been so hard to be dealt with. She was worn out, she was feeling guilty and then she had to feel all Damon feelings too. Because Elena does feel intensely.
So yeah, this rewatching helped me to emphatyze with Elena, to better understand her reaction in Dangerous actually love her a whole lot more.

Now please show, if you want the triangle to be a real triangle, don't screw up with Damon and Elena; one more thing, as much as I ship Damon with pretty much everyone, my heart melts when he is happy...and he feels happy when he is with's just hope TVD is not like SPN, which destroys every hope for Dean to be happy.

Can I have a little more DAMON/KLAUS too? PLEASE?

Enough nonsense...

Have a good day flist!


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