Feb. 8th, 2012

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Sorry for the lack of comments, I am just busy. See you after TVD and SPN :)

I have been reading some stuff fromt the Nash con and this was so sweet that I wanted to repost it.

ensen Ackles: Sweetest Man Alive.

So, other than getting to see the boys (and ladies) of Supernatural, the main reason I go to cons and watch con footage is to get new canon.

A fan observed that Sam is very rough with his lovers, but Dean is very tender. Jensen and Jared initially played off the question as it being simply a question of context. Jared pointed out that Sam keeps himself emotionally distant from women because it ends with them dead and burning on his ceiling, so sex is a release, but not emotional. Upon reflection, Jensen said that Dean’s tenderness might be him bleeding through, that he is always concerned with the woman being comfortable, wanting her to feel covered, etc. He told us an incredibly sweet story about how when Sara (Lydia in “The Slice Girls”) had a sexy strip down shot, he positioned himself by the camera so she could focus on him and walk towards him even though he wasn’t technically in the shot to give her something to focus on, and that he held her robe open so she could walk straight into his arms and cover up.

Via this TUMBLR.


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