Jan. 5th, 2012

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Tomorrow is Epiphany over year, so long weekend ahead. See you tomorrow with my TVD post and on Saturday for the SPN one.

Welcome back shows!
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I was on Tumblr, where I have a mostly TVD blog, and I stumbled upon this blog which is done with the only purpose to bash the characters and other fans.

I get it, crazy people are crazy, they are everywhere and looks like they spend their time posting everywhere their opinions as if they were the only possible truth...but come on, a blog where I read things like "I hate Damon, because of his fans?"...seriously?

This is the most stupid thing ever! I know that feeling, sometimes I have been pissed off at Sam Winchester more for the constant bashing of Dean some of his fans did and still do, than for Sam himself but I have learned to like or dislike Sam for what he does, not for what the others say.

So yeah...I am a Damon fan (who mostly lurk in the fandom because I don't want to live again some dynamics I have already seen in the Supernatural fandom) and I hate when some people generalize. I am not crazy, I don't bash other characters just because I don't like them, I respect others opinion...is it to much to ask for the same?

Criticism is good, explain why you don't like a character or why you don't like something a chracter has done is fair and everyone is intitled to their opinion...but NONE is entitled to insult other people just because they don't agree.

That being said, it amuses me how the TVD fandom is divided between Delena and Stelena fans, as if the show was only about them. The good thing of TVD is that there is much more than just Delena or Stelena and I enjoy this show so much because every viewer can find something interesting to watch..and there's no need to fight. You can just decide to ignore what you don't find appealing (like Tyler/Caroline for me).

Oh well I have rambled enough....


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