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It amuses me that during the hiatus some people don't really know what to do and make wank more than usual. What amuses me even more is how some people don't see the double standard they use when they talk about characters.

In TVD fandom for example, Caroline is a saint no matter what she does or what she says, while Elena is judged as a very very bad girl.

Elena is drawn to Damon? WRONG WRONG, he is the devil, he is bad, he is a monster...and she is a slut cos she was in love with Damon's brother...

Caroline is drawn to Klaus? OMG awesome, they are so cute. Klaroline is the best ship ever, Klaus is awesome...LOL!

Seriously, Caroline is not anymore the wonderful character she was in S2 and half of S3 and Klaus, who imo is still a great character, doesn't have half the character development that Damon (or Stefan) has. Not to mention that he is evil and has done things that Damon has never done.


Same happens in SPN, especially if we talk about Dean and Castiel. I am so tired to hear Castiel fans blaming Dean for whatever Cas has done and never once trying to hold their favorite character responsible for something. They still say that Dean betrayed (?????) Cas and don't even consider what CANON says (which btw is exactly the opposite).

The Haven fandom seems to be the quite one, mostly because it's not so big...but I can' really deal with crazy shippers on whatever sides they are. People can ship whatever they want, but denying canon is not exactly coherent.

Btw just random thoughts from a bored fangirl!

Have a nice day you all!
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