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First of all, since I have doubts about the whole sire bond thing because of all the inconsistencies and the plot holes (one for all: Elena kissing Damon before getting back at home...it's clear she wants to be with him), I'm linking here [livejournal.com profile] arabian review, since she explained my doubts like I never could:

why the sire bond thing doesn't work"

Whatever your take is on the sire bond, I would say that it is not working from a story- writing point of view. The issues it raises are too much and give me a headache. Since I can't believe is poor writing, I think it's been doing on purpose. You know, something like "let's get them focus on it, so I can work on the bigger picture without having to worry too much about the smart ones". So while "I expect more twist and angst, I also believe that the sire bond will beused as a plot device to make some characters act in certain way so that other characters can pursue a purpose.

Onto the episode.

-Damon broke my heart again and I really can't take it...seriously this guy is never allowed to be happy, he is never allowed to be trusted, to be wrong..because if a monster like Klaus does wrong, people feel sorry for him (i.e. Caroline and Stefan), but if Damon does, he is damned. I know things are more complicated than this and I also know that people like Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy are less hard on Damon than Caroline or Stefan are, but sometimes I just can't take their view oh him. It breaks my fangirl heart, because honestly he doesn't deserve it. He did good by his brother, he did good by Elena.
Sure he could have done it immediately after he got back from New Orleans, but the guy needed to register what happened, that his life was going downhill once again. Damon didn't register the fact that Elena had feelings for him before...he just doesn't see the truth of it, he is sinking into his own emotional mess and he needed some time to process everything.
I love the words he used...because they weren't "you"...they were all about what he was going to do. This gives me hope about the fact that Damon will not accept to let her go away without even trying to fight. But also, when he said that Christmas was his and Stefan favorite holiday, my heart melt and the thing I want more is the two of them to have some happiness and to be ok with each other.
That being said, I loved his interaction with pretty much everyone.

I have not much to say about her. I just can say that it was good to see her and Jeremy together. It was good how she tried to talk to Damon and don't give up on him. She won't,I think.

-Jeremy and Damon! OMG YAY!!!! Jeremy said "they shouldn't have come here"...not just Elena. Damon too. Jeremy and Damon working together, Damon protecting him? ALL THE FEELS.

-Wants more Matt and Rebekah.

I get everything he feels, I get his pain, his anger, his feeling betrayed...I get everything. That's why I can't blame him for anything he did in this episode. The saddest thing for me though is that he doesn't want to find the cure because Elena wants to be human again, but because he needs her to be human again.
Stefan will be pissed at Damon, because he lied to him...I can't blame him, but I can't blame Damon either. They are both screwed and desperate over this girl. Their bond will survive, but they are going to hurt and suffer like never before.

I love him. Seriously, this guy is so screwed and so evil. He is desperate and lonely too and I can't help but having a thing for messed up, torture souls.

-Prof Shane
I don't trust him. I think he is working with Klaus because they do want the same thing, even if for different reasons. I still think that Shane is more interested in the power of Silar than in anything else. Loving the love/hate relationship he shares with Damon.

He's grown up on me week by week. I was totally with him in this episode. Stefan and Caroline were unfair to him...totally disrespectful of who he is. Hybrids don't value less than any of them. They are people, just like any other vamps out there.

Liked her and her rebonding with Jeremy. Also her attitude with Damon has softened a bit.I am sorry Shane is so using her.

A friend help another friend to heal. A friend doesn't try to destroy the only real important bond another person has had in all his life. Caroline should try to fix things, to help Stefan to understand and trust his brother. She does the opposite. She instigates Stefan against Damon.
If she has issues with Damon, and she has (I have an unpopular opinion on it though), she should tell Stefan she is not the right person to talk about Damon. She should detach. I just hope Stefan will be smarter than this and actually see the entire picture.
I used to like their friendhsip, but right now I don't because I think it's dangerous for Stefan. Damon is his only family left. They need to stick together. I'm sure they will, I just hate when a so called friend is so much biased to be inappropriate and not really helpful. Caroline is following the Lexi pattern, which I hated so yeah,..unless she changes her attitude, I'm not going to enjoy her and Stefan closeness. Imo she is not acting like a friend should.
Actually not even as a girlfriend should.
Do we wanna talk how she acted with Tyler. She should have been on his side and she wasn't. She betrayed Tyler, because it was like stating loud and clear that she wasn't in love with him at all. When she had to decide if that sword was more important than the life of the hybrids, she chose the sword. She actually chose Stefan (a friend) over Tyler (her boyfriend). So, unless something doesn't work properly in Caroline, the only reason I see for it is that she doesn't love him as she claims to or, and this would be even worse, she thinks Tyler would do whatever she says, just because she is Caroline. Once Tyler told her he was going to save those hybrids and get free of Klaus, she just didn't take his side. Can't like her at this point.

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