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-Sam Winchester I seriously have no love for you. Not because you have been tracking Benny, I would do the same, but because of the total lack of emphaty for your brother. Nothing.

-"I got history with the guy"...*sighs*

-I guess I should be grateful to Sam because he gave Dean some time...and those words, things are not that easy as they seem to be, I wish he could actually talk to Dean...about everything, about how he feels because the flashbacks are pointless if he doesn't try to get back to normal. Sam is once again running away.


-Dean flirting :)

-Can I have Dean and Benny together forever?

-lol Dean's face at Benny revelation about Elizabeth :)

-I just love Ty's voice.

-"every relation I have ever had has gone to crap at some point"...and then his act of faith towards Benny and Sam nasty reaction. He was hurt and jealous, I get it, but for one second I would like him to think why his brother is saying those words. I want Sam to understand why Dean feels this way. It was painful to watch for me because I hate to see their relationship crumble. I hate to see how he and Sam are hitting a definite rough patch.

-I think they should stop with the flashbacks...tell us Sam's story and then quit, because, tbh, they start to be boring.

-I like Don :)

-Serioulsy Sam? Are you leaving like that just because you got a text message?

-Benny saved Dean's life, once again...

-I feel so sorry for Benny...and for Dean. He is so alone right now, because Dean feels like he has not Sam anymore. I love how Dean and Benny bonded and how they talk to each other, I wish Dean could do the same with his brother.

-"thanks for not giving up on me, brother"....awwwww crying all my tears. Thank you, thank you for not making Benny betray Dean.

-What the hell is up with Martin? OMG Benny is going to sacrifice himself for Elizabeth.. no, no, no....it's not Benny's fault, it's not.

-The bad guy is gone...please no, don't force him to do that...

-I can't believe they actually did this to Benny, make him suffer like that...getting him to kill again. Worst punishment ever for him. Anyway I can't blame him, because it totally was self-defense.

-"I feel all right tonight"...it won't last.

-I loved Dean's characterization. His faith in Benny is not blind. He decided to look into the case and he was ready to face the worst. Benny gained Dean's trust once again and it was so good to see them come clean to each other.
It was also good to see how Dean tried to avoid the fight with Sam. He sent him away for two reasons imo:
-because he could totally stop Martin without flinching, while it would have taken a lot more effort to stop Sam;
-because he didn't want to be forced to take sides between Sam and Benny. Since Sam's being stubborn about Benny and doesn't want to believe that he can have changed, Dean should have sided with Benny and this would have caused a even more dramatic rift between the brothers. Sending Sam away, Dean avoided all of it. It was kinda protective of Sam and of Dean himself. He'd rather face Benny and the vamps alone than having his brother fighting against him.

-Sam is not listening and everything is falling apart....I can't even with this episode. I have too many feelings. I feel so sorry for everyone...I especially feel sorry for Benny because he was forced to kill to save his own life, just 'cos a crazy obsessed man couldn't accept that he could change.
Martin's death is totally on Sam tough. He can blame Benny whenever he wants, but it's totally his fault.
Sam abondoned Kevin, didn't look for Dean, left Martin in a middle of a hunt. It's his fault. If he had stayed, Martin wouldn't have kidnapped Elizabeth and Benny would have not killed him. How is Sam (and Dean) going to live with this? I mean, is the show holding him accountable for this mistake Sam made?
I have to say the show is doing a good job in showing all the limits and the flaws Sam has, but if this is not going to lead to a charactet evolution and redemption, it would be pointless. Sam has to stop to run away, something that he has always done. Sam can't deal with rejection, can't deal with the consequences of a refusal (he leaves Amelia, he hates Benny because Dean considers him like the only person who didn't let him down). It's not enough to fall in a cage and save the world to make amend, because it's an external action. Not self developing, not looking at his own issues.
OTOH, what is Dean going to do with Sam? Given that Elizabeth told Dean the truth and he knows that Benny had no other choice, is Dean going to talk about Benny with Sam? Will he try to make his brother understand what Benny means to him? At this point, I think Benny in Dean's mind is really the only person he can trust and he can rely on because of what they lived together in Purgatory.
I think the bond they sharwe is deeper than both Sam and Castiel think it can be. Sam should stop and try to understand the reasons behind Dean's thinking and feelings.
Also, I want Dean to talk to Sam. I want Sam to talk to Dean and not acting like a two years child.

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